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We understand you want the absolute Best Contact Lens Exam Clinic Philadelphia has to offer. It is completely justified as eyes need immense care, and one shouldn’t be compromising on the quality of treatment they are getting. It is essential that you are satisfied with the eye specialists you are seeing. As you might already know, when you wear contact lenses, contact lens exam becomes a necessity. This test is different from the routine eye exam. However, the test is crucial to ensure your lenses are fitting the eyes properly, and they are not harming the health of your eyes. This test is needed in addition to a routine eye test.

To evaluate the vision with contact lenses, doctors perform special tests. The first test will usually measure the eye surface in order to determine the size and type of lenses that will suit your eyes. Sometimes doctors will also perform a tear film evaluation. This evaluation will make sure there are enough tears in the eyes to let you wear lenses comfortably. On the basis of the results from these tests, the doctor will prescribe contact lenses. It is imperative to get the lenses that are the right fit for your eyes, so no damage is done. Eyeglass prescription shouldn’t be considered a substitute for contact lenses because both are different.

The major difference between and eyeglass test and contact lens exam is the distance of the both from the eyes. Eyeglasses are approximately 12 millimetres away from the eyes, whereas, the lenses sit directly on the eye surface. Improper fitting or even slightly wrong prescription poses a serious threat to the health of your eyes. That is why you should always trust only the Best Contact Lens Exam Clinic in Philadelphia. When you get the prescription and right fit, you need to make another decision. You will have to decide if you want extended wear or disposable contacts and if and in what color will you prefer them. You will be provided with a trial pair for a few days to ensure the contact lenses are suitable for your eyes and there is no problem wearing them. A follow-up will be required in about a week to ensure all is good.